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Professor discusses about achievements and “In the Studio” series

Music Professor Lisa Beebe discussed her goals, commitments, and achievements throughout her teaching career and the hardships she faced along the way. Beebe studied ethnomusicology and cultural musicology at University of Santa Cruz and received her PhD. Beebe has been immersed in music since she was young and played the viola since fifth grade and always found some way to be involved whether playing in an orchestra or helping create the CRC Music: “In the Studio” series. “I still wanted to

Library reopens part time in the fall

The Cosumnes River College library has opened part time this fall for students to access library services with the exception that they must be masked. The library is offering on ground services such as free printing and copying, group study rooms, silent study areas, computers with wifi, assistance with research in and borrowing materials in the library. “We are open on a walk-in basis, but students are required to wear a mask,” Librarian Emily Bond said. “We are going to move to an appointm

Los Rios District offers students incentives for getting vaccinated

All Los Rios students who get the COVID-19 vaccine are eligible to receive an incentive, including those who received their vaccination before the requirement was put into place. Students who have completed the COVID-19 verification form and provide evidence of receiving their first shot by Sept. 1, will receive $100 as well as students providing evidence of being fully vaccinated by Nov. 1 will also receive an additional $100, according to an announcement sent out by Chancellor Brian King.

Athletes take a stand for mental health

Athletes are often seen as superhumans because they are able to do things with their bodies that the average human can’t do. The Olympics showcases these athletes to see who is the best in the world at the sport they are competing in. At an intense level like this, the Olympics can cause a strain on the athletes’ bodies as they compete at their best with little to no breaks and can cause a strain on them mentally. At this year’s Olympics, gymnast Simone Biles showed us that even the greatest

Los Rios Community College District Trustees vote to require Los Rios employees and students accessing campus facilities be vaccinated

The Los Rios Board Community College District of Trustees passed a resolution on Tuesday that will require all Los Rios employees and students to get their first vaccination dose no later than Oct. 1 if they plan to access campus facilities. Students and staff who are planning to be on any of the Los Rios campuses, must upload a copy of their COVID-19 vaccination card online and access their vaccine record from the Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record site. Masks are also required in any indoor spa

Meet the winners of the 2021-2022 student election

The results for the 2021-2022 student election at CRC were released on April 30, and the winner for Student Senator was Sarai Argueta and for clubs and event board Namira Hasan won Director of Finances and Ariana Sandoval won Secretary. Sarai Argueta, a 19-year-old business major, explained how she received a CRC newsletter asking students if they would like to run for a position in the student senate. She further discussed why she chose to run for Student Senator. “The reason that I ran for

RASA program presents guest speaker and author Reyna Grande

Sacramento City College’s Retention Advancement and Student Achievement program held an event on April 22 with guest speaker Reyna Grande where she discussed her two recent books and the hardship she has faced in life. Grande is a successful author that wrote “The Distance Between Us” and “A Dream Called Home”. These two books discuss the journey she went through in life,being an immigrant from Mexico and dealing with childhood trauma, to becoming the person she is today. “I had to find a wa

OPINION: The fear of reopening after a pandemic

It’s been a little over a year since the World Health Organization announced that we are in a pandemic and advised us to stay at home. Being at home for a year has caused many to become anxious about getting back to life like before. With schools being shut down for so long and many students adjusting to online learning; there’s a little worry of how things might be after going back to in person learning. A fear that many have about returning to in-person learning would be the chance of cont

Underlying plans for sophomore athletes this upcoming fall

A year has passed since Los Rios sports have been put to a halt, and sophomore athletes across the district have been forced to be in a state of limbo when determining their future, as time to make a decision is winding down. The Connection spoke with sophomore CRC Hawks athletes to ask them about their short-term and long-term plans for their academic and athletic careers. They touch on their plans for the upcoming fall semester, the impact of an extra eligibility year, staying focused in unk

‘The United States vs Billie Holiday’ tells the complex life of Billie Holiday

The biographical-drama film “The United States vs. Billie Holiday” was released on Hulu on Feb. 26, tells the story of Billie Holiday and the many operations the United States government had to stop her from singing her song “Strange Fruit.” Released on Hulu and directed by Oscar-nominated director, Lee Daniels, “The United States vs Billie Holiday” stars singer and actress Andra Day (“Marshall”) as Billie Holiday and actor Trevante Rhodes (“Moonlight”) as Jimmy Fletcher. Day won her first G

The U.S. is long overdue in an increased minimum wage

The cost of living has increased over the last 12 years, yet the minimum wage has stayed at $7.25 as many Americans are struggling to stay afloat. Since the pandemic hit, many people have lost their jobs and are trying to make ends meet with the small stimulus packages they received from the government. As the cost of living has risen in the United States, many would expect minimum wage to increase as well, yet that hasn’t been happening. The last time the country raised minimum wage was in

Students plan for Valentine’s Day during the pandemic

With Valentine’s Day approaching soon, many people are finding new ways to celebrate the day as they can’t be with family, friends and loved ones in person during this time. In interviews with three people, students have planned different and creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day during the pandemic. “Valentine’s Day is a little different for me as I’m in a long-distance relationship,” said Cameron Jacobs, 19, a history major. “We have to make do with everything online, so my boyfriend